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Thank you for having an interest in helping Calumet be strong. Without the financial support from people like you who are spread all over the world, we'd be completely sunk.

God blesses us so much. The blessings we enjoy inspire us to respond -- to express our thanks. It is God above who strengthens, who leads, and who sustains. And we can be a special force for God in the way we share our joy with others. Join with so many in giving thanks to God for blessings shared with a gift to Calumet.

Annual Fund dollars are used carefully and wisely. Most of the money received into the Annual Fund goes to keeping program fees for kids' programs as low as possible. For instance, the cost of a week of camp in 2015 was estimated to be $700. A strong Annual Fund meant we could charge a fee of just $600. EVERY CAMPER benefitted. Additionally, Calumet was able to award about $70,000 in campership support to campers who were experiencing financial need.

Another example: The cost for most of the Youth Weekends throughout the year is $100. Calumet has maintained that fee structure for many, many years. Without a strong Annual Fund, those Youth Weekend fees would be significantly higher.

Your gift matters!

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