Congregation Phase

BS pic websiteIn November of 2017, Calumet sent packets to congregation councils which included information about the Baths & Solar Campaign.

Also in the packet was information about the importance of Rostered Leaders who serve as Chaplains, invitation to Rostered Leaders to participate in the annual no-cost event for New England Synod Rostered Leaders, information about congregations that serve as Reach the Beach sponsors, and the challenge for each congregation to identify just one child who might come to Calumet's Resident Camp for Kids.

The Congregation Phase of the Baths and Solar Campaign now begins and we've already heard from 6 congregations! Isn't that wonderful! Calumet hopes to receive gifts and pledges from as many congregations as possible. Even a small pledge of $25 per year for two years will have an impact. We hope congregations will decide by March of 2018.

Let's * A L L * share in the joy of this successful campaign.

If we receive at least:

2 pledges in the amount of $1,000/ year for 2 years, and at least 5 pledges of $500/year for 2 years, and at least 16 pledges of $250/year for 2 years, and at least 40 pledges of $100/year for 2 years, and a whole big bunch of pledges of $25/year for two years ...

We'll Reach The Goal!!

To learn more, contact KNUTE.


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