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Judy LeaderJudy LeaderTime and time again, someone approaches a Calumet staff person to have a conversation about worship music. Years ago, Pr. Rick Dacey, now serving a congregation in Australia, began a musical transformation process here at camp. Gone were the songbooks that broke every copyright law one could imagine (along with the 70s songs we sang at vespers like, "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" and "I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane"). A new song catalog developed over the next many years under the watchful eyes of Evan Moilan, David Piper, Knute Ogren, Matt Hayn, Mike Carnaroli, and others. And then came Judy Smith (AiM) who has been championing the cause for great, worshipful music here at camp for many years. The key to good music at worship is a confident and open minded leader who has the gifts to encourage group singing. It's about knowing the limits of the group, the willingness of the group, and the hopes of the group.

To help everyone who has asked, "Where can I get that song?" or "What were those words again?" -- check out this comprehensive resource that will tell you more than you might have cared to know (but exactly what you'll need to follow the laws AND support musicians in their song writing call).

   Music Resource, April 2014

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