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The Goal Has Been Reached!

Biking 4 Kids -- Gail & Jan

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Back in the winter, long before any dreams of two huge goals -- (1) 150 donors and (2) a very long bike ride in Iowa -- of actually coming to fruition, here's what was written:

Long-time Calumet cheerleaders Gail & Jan have signed on to participate in a very BIG bike ride taking place this July in Iowa called RAGBRAI L. This is a pretty big undertaking and during the months leading up to the event, the two will be training, building awareness, and raising funds for Camp Calumet so that kids who are experiencing need can enjoy a week of Resident Camp.

RAGBRAI L stands for Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa and this is the 50th anniversary of the event. The Des Moines Register, the premiere news outlet for Iowa, is responsible for choosing the route each year. The 8-Day event is the oldest of its kind in the United States.

Gail and Jan -- Lutherans and long-time Calumet supporters -- live in western Massachusetts. Their congregation, Our Savior's Lutheran Church in South Hadley, is proudly supporting Gail and Jan's ride -- and that's not surprising. Our Savior Church has deeply cared about all that happens here at Calumet for a long, long time.

Gail and Jan are seeking 150 donations to Calumet in support of their effort. They will be sharing news about their training, about their preparation for travel, and about their time in Iowa using their FB page: Biking4Kids. Click the link below and give their FB page a LIKE.

150 donors by August 15, 2023

To be one of the 150 donors to the effort -- any size gift will help Gail and Jan hit the 150 Donors mark -- click the "Make a Gift" button below. Questions? Contact Knute at Calumet by clicking the button below. Boom Chicka Boom!