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As Calumet has become more and more a center for worship during the months of the fall, winter, and Spring -- we've found that there is an oppotunity to wonder a bit about the gift of music we share throughout the whole year. The climiate controlled Conference Center would allow for pianos in both the Dining Room (which serves as our Sunday morning worship space from OCT - MAY) and the Micah Room (which is a gathering spot of small groups all year long). Presently, we have a beautiful upright piano in the dining room which was given to Calumet in memory of Heidi Kvinge. In the Micah Room, we have a digital piano that, frankly, is getting a bit tired and creaky.

What would it look like for the Dining Room to have a Baby Grand Piano that could be used for Sunday morning worship, for sing-a-longs by the fireplace, and for concerts and musical offerings by guest artists? A baby grand would fill the room beauitfully, be covered when not in use, and sit on a dolly for easy movement based on need. The Kvinge upright would fit the Micah Room perfectly and would be a fine instrument for use all year long when groups are meeting for prayer, Bible Study, small group worship, and a whole variety of musical experiences.

This is one of those things that isn't a typical expenditure. Many organizations like Calumet would hope that a big item like this could be funded with a special one-time gift. The Climbing Wall in Rob World was made possible by a gift from Paul and Priscilla Olson of First Lutheran in Brockton. The Greenhouse became a reality because the people of Immanuel Lutheran in Holden, MA wanted to honor the memories of members (and big time Calumet fans), Carl and Edie Carlson.

Maybe there's a donor somewhere out there who might be interested in making a one-time special gift? A gift of $6,000 - $8,000 gets Calumet into the right neighborhood for purchasing very good instrument for the Conference Center.

Okay, Holy Spirit -- Do your stuff! Amen!

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