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Calumet Lutheran Ministries is a Reconciling In Christ community. Thanks be to God!

For the people who make up Calumet Nation, this is not earth-shattering news. Calumet has been a place where LGBTQ persons have been attending and serving and visiting for years and years. For many LGBTQ persons, Calumet was (and continues to be) their primary Lutheran spot that exudes safety and welcome ... that reminds them that God has made them to be their perfect selves ... that encourages them to be bold in their service, to be generous with their forgiveness, and to remain grounded in their most important identity -- Child Of God!

Calumet is a ministry of the New England Synod. The synod publicly affirmed its welcome to LGBTQ persons nearly 20 years. Through all these years, Calumet has celebrated that declaration and has worked tirelessly to ensure that this place -- this community -- is truly welcoming. Recently, the New England Synod updated its statement of welcome. Please read that statement here:

New England Synod's RIC Statement

As for Calumet's leadership -- a place where every child is welcome to enjoy a week of camp ... where every adult can enjoy visits all year long ... where every family unit can enjoy being together here by the lake -- we remain as committed as ever to welcoming Every Single One. Calumet exists to support and strengthen the individuals and congregations of New England. Calumet Nation can be thankful for the many ways individuals and congregations support the work that happens here. Calumet's Board of Directors, made up of members of congregations throughout New England, is committed to ensuring that Calumet is a safe and welcoming place.

From the Board of Directors:

"LGBTQ+ persons share with all others the worth that comes from being unique Individuals created by God. This synod encourages all of its congregations to welcome LGBTQ+ persons into membership upon making the same affirmation of faith that other people make. As members of congregations of this synod, LGBTQ+ persons are expected and encouraged to share in the sacramental and general life of the church. Further, it is Calumet’s policy to address gender identity and gender expression questions and issues raised by parents or campers on an individual, case-by-case basis, with the same care, compassion, and concern with which we are called to treat every single person of God’s creation."

Persons who have any questions at all about Calumet's commitment to welcoming Every Single One can reach out to Karl Ogren, Calumet's Executive Director.

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